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Slow Motion Video Analysis


Asymmetrical Defense uses ultra slow motion video analysis to reinforce proper shooting fundamentals and correct even the smallest issues that are impossible to see otherwise.


Handgun Classes


If your looking to get your License to carry, want to learn how to defend yourself or your loved ones with your CCW or want to become more proficient with your service pistol for completion or duty use A.D. has you covered.


Carbine  Classes


A.D offers beginner to advanced level carbine classes.  If your looking to advances your carbine skill for defensive situations, multi-gun competitions or duty use look no further.


Our Philosophy


Asymmetrical Defense believes that because the Bill or Rights grants us as Americans the right to keep and bear arms we must do so responsibility.  The way A.D. helps to build responsible Gun Owners is by offering professional training to all experience levels in hopes of building a safe, well trained, self dependent and a more aware society.



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Townsend, MA